What’s wrong with free movement?
Regulating and deregulating mobility in Europe

Quand la libre circulation pose problème
Régulation et dérégulation des mobilités en Europe

Simultaneous translation FR/EN

Présentation du colloque (FR) / Description of the conference (EN)

Adopting an interdisciplinary approach that combines mainly law and political science, the conference explores free movement in light of EU (de)regulatory practices and their impact on EU legitimacy from the complementary angles of regulatory competition, regulatory contradictions and EU citizenship over five sessions:

1. Free movement and protection of workers
Libre circulation et protection des travailleurs

2. Controlling mobile citizens
Contrôler les citoyens mobiles

3. Regulating free movement of economically inactive EU citizens
Réguler la libre circulation des citoyens économiquement inactifs

4. Free movement and external borders
Libre circulation et régulation aux frontières extérieures

5. Free movement and EU citizenship
Libre circulation et citoyenneté européenne